See the world from Taichung

JIA LIAN was established in December, 1990 in

Taichung, Taiwan. In the beginning stages, JIA LIAN specialized in CNC

machine control assembly as well as hardware and software engineering.

In August, 1996, in response to great business growth, a second company

was formed to meet the growth, demands of after sales service and to fill the

niche for CNC machine maintenance, restoration and upgrading.

CHENTEC S.J.INC. was established as a counterpart to JIA LIAN

 in order to focus on these important service. Both companies are

operated by the same team and share the same commitment to quality.

In order to serve customers even more efficintly, operations at CHENTEC 's

new building began operations in March, 2005 and the impressive facility

currently covers an ares of over 1,800 square meters.

CHENTEC then went on to set up another well-planned facility in Chan An,

Guan Dong, China. This facility has comprehensive parts inventory to

provide fast and efficient service for China's customers.